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82nd Airborne Division

My group has all played 82nd AB 325th from our first D-Day.
I will tell you this though, the one thing that makes D-Day
so different is the heat and duration of the game. There are
no breaks in the game on the main Saturday game. Make sure
and I mean everything in your power to be in the best shape
for the game you can be.

if you're from Texas you know what heat is but I'm from Tulsa
and lived here my whole life, my first year i nearly died. literally
and im not in bad shape just unprepared. carry only what you
need and dress cool, with plenty of water. very important to
have a hydration system.other than that the game is the best
I've ever been in and there is nothing like playing on 1,000
acres with a few thousand players fighting all over it at the
same time. in the 82nd you will get to see most of the field,
we travel a lot and fight very hard. join us and you wont regret
it. 325th is the greatest bunch you could play with.

2010 82nd Airborne, 325th G.I.R, sierra company

2011 82nd Airborne, 325th G.I.R, sierra company

2012 82nd Airborne, 325th G.I.R, sierra company

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