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Originally Posted by crzypntbllr View Post
You obliviously did not read the first line of this thread. It says the gun is a Stacked-Tube-Spool-Valve, which means it's nothing like a Fusion, Ego or any other gun on the market today.
Meh. It's a game of semantics companies like to play. Like Jack Woods with the Etha "spool/poppet" hybrid. Apparently leading consumers to a hasty conclusion is effective. Just consider the real world data and the number of "it does sound like almost every good thing from both poppets and spools merged into one marker" posts... it works.

If you look at the spool/poppet thing from a face vs radial seal valve perspective, then the Shocker Sport, ICE Epic, and Legion Shocker are spool valve markers and the Mini/Axe is a poppet.

Anyways. It's nice that it has one fewer "movement o-ring" than an Ion. ...or was that "moving o-ring"? If it's the latter, then that's 3x as many as the Ion! Damn. Now I'm confused. How many of what does the Ion with Nano bolt have?

How often do spools need maintenance? Is that just because of FSDO and velocity consistency issues? Will this HES thing reduce maintenance?
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