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Here was my argument. CNC lathes don't adjust their tools from square and the inserts are made with that in mind. Now if you do a lot of work with HSS bits that you made your self yes I can see spinning it around to get a better angle at it. I know I used to do it that way, but now that I have a "real" lathe with mostly either brazed carbide or insert tooling I just keep it square I have all my tools setup in my DRO with offsets so that if I switch from cutting a diameter to cutting an oring grove I just change to that tool number and I know what diameter I am cutting with out needing to re zero. Of course I still check it from time to time but for the most part its done. If I swung my post around all the time I would have to re zero much more often and I think that kinda takes away from the point of have a QCTP and a DRO right?
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