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12 gram in grip build thread (building)

I'll keep this post updated as I go along.

Thought I'd do a thread that will eventually show my hammer 7 with a 12 gram in the grip.

Here's the idea:
Slot is cut out to fit the 12 gram in the frame and extra areas are filled in. A brace would be attached to the frame to brace the pierce pin body against (thicker than in my picture)
A microline fitting would be tapped to fit the pierce pin's 1/4-28 thread. Another would be attached to the valve via tapped hole.
Still have to figure out new grip attachment points, I'm thinking a flat panel to attach to the frame, then have standoffs, then new grips attach to the standoffs in their normal location.
"naked" minus frame/body

with frame/body

Update #1:
PM'd Doc about microline since I saw in another thread he had some.

Update #2
Picked up a 007 speed wheel from

Update #3
Was able to get a bit of work done.

Bored out the bottom of an ASA to 1/8 NPT adapter to allow clearance for the pierce pin. Need to tap the bottom of the fitting for the pierce pin threads, but I'll be doing that to a microline fitting.

I'm able to insert the 12 gram without it bottoming out (this may change when the microline fitting is threaded)

Entire assembly

Still need to recieve the microline fittings and figure out how to be able to screw the speedwheel in. I'm thinking that JB welding a nut/standoff would work well.
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