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Morning coffee..brew your own from home. It only takes a few extra minutes and could save you $6-$25 a work week. And even if you have the Kurig you can get the filter cup for ground coffee for $15 and a large can of brand name coffee for $7 that will last at least a few months.
Buy you meat from a butcher or meat seller not the grocery store. We luckily have two food centers that sell large packages of meat (lol I said package and meat) in bulk at great savings. I can get chicken breasts in a 10lb bag for $1.69 a lb instead of neatly packaged @ $3.99-$4.99 a pound, that's a number of dinners over the month instead of two for the same price. Cut the chicken up to what you will use or like and freeze it until needed. Same goes for bulk ground beef in the large bag or family packs of steak,chops or sausage. You can save hundreds of dollars for a few minutes of work portioning it up for dinners or lunches which leads to the other money saving cooking at home which has been stated allready.
Depending where you live a small to medium garden with some good producing plants can save you a decent amount on fresh produce. I plant a few tomato plants and peppers and have salsa and fresh maters and peppers for my salads and chili's. Even a patio tomato plant can give you quite a few tomatos over summer and wont take up much space.
Yes much of my savings comes from food since I'm a mizer when it come wasting money on something I'm gonna poop out later so I always look for the cheapest meals.
Don't buy the bagged pre made salad mix, since it's mostly crammed with carrots and purple cabbage anyhow and always seems to rot like the day after you use it. You can get a head of lettuce which when wrapped up and stored in the crisper it can last a week after being cut into. See where I'm going here, the quick fix foods are the ones that get you, yes they are quicker and easier but can cost you hundreds of dollars a month in food bills. There are tons of grocery saving tips, coupons, buying only stuff on sale, generics, not shopping while hungry, plan your dinners for the month so you buy only what you need, etc. just a few of these can save you at least a few bucks every time you shop.
Don't like cooking every night, make a big meal or meals on the weekend or Sunday and you have leftovers or premade dinners for the week with only having to microwave or heat in the oven when coming home from work or whatever.
Just some of my shopping money saving ways I have used over the last few years.
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