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Originally Posted by Overlord319 View Post
How much? When can I get it?

As for the fiber optic why not just thread one end of the fiber and the front part of the bracket so you could screw it in and out of place. Might mean a little more work initially but it would make getting at that set screw so much easier.
Price is up in the air at the moment, but I'd put it between $75 and $100 a set, that price would include anodizing. I wont be able to figure in an actual price until I can make a prototype to recognize all the operations and the time it takes to run those operations, not to mention, I hate making tiny parts on a large milling machine so there will probably be some sorta TFS (This ******* Sucks) price increase, haha.

Threading fiber optic while doable, may be alittle tricky with such a small cable and it would also mean I'd have to machine a relief cut in the fiber optic, drill and tap the optic housing and drill it for clearance (3/32"). And if the fiber optic were fully enclosed as shown, how are you going to fully thread it in and unthread it?

Now my question is, should I keep on studying for this engineering exam or should I keep working in Solidworks on stuff... decisions decisions...
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