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Originally Posted by whiteout View Post
Lighter guns do not hold up nearly as well as Tippy tanks to the kind of beating renters put on guns that aren't theirs.

Rental guns aren't free, fields need to get a lot of use out of them to get a good return on investment.
Tippys also tolerate neglect from lazy staffers and owners better than most. They are the AK 47 of the game... but what this has to do with the original topic I have no idea.

Want to grow the sport? Focus on growing the game. The sport will follow. Kill the game and you kill the sport...and the game begins with the 10 yr old wanting to play with his friends in a fun safe environment. I think this is where paintball (in general) is loosing focus: players all worried about competition and what to do with the extra testosterone and the stupid kids just get in the way.
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