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Whoopty Do, What does it all mean? - YouTube

Whoopdy do Basil!

More tech from a new company how cute... so in a year it will be dead and cheap like the Hostile Rouge..
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How is this supposed to be interesting? Another electro? I'm assuming that rectangle thing is a Soliniod? (Sp) big whoop. If its mech it might be interesting though.
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Oh good a new Dangerous Power Fusion. The back of the hammer might as well look identical to the Fusion and the front is just a slightly different design. Personally I prefer the spring return to home over compared to a more complicated air return system with likely twice as many o-rings.

At least they priced it reasonably. They will easily sell 10 of these.
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Woooooooooow!!!!!! This company has paintballers figured out. Post up a little something on the forums about the company, just a taste, add some Social networking and sit back and wait. . . . Bam! Free marketing. Very clever.
We have a new manufacturer - sounds like american made, interesting new design. It seems a bit silly and crusty to bother posting in this thread if this gun isn't something you're interested in.

I love that the modern information age has allowed us insight to companies as they roll out products. It lets us ask questions and check things out in a way that simply wasn't possible even a few years back. It's nothing but a good thing - and when used well by a company (like this instance) should only been seen as a positive.
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