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Dan, that was an awesome writeup.

I always remember those guns as Splatoons. When I was hunting down TFX and Phoenix guns, I read somewhere that "Splatoon" was a UK field. Daystate either made them exclusive rentals, or Splatoon was modifying existing Daystate airguns to work as paintguns.

The Mk1 and Mk2 certaintly look like airguns, though the Mk3 looks purpose built.

I had talked to Rob Thompson at Daystate. He was the lead designer in the 90s. He explained that the "paintball side" was not a priority. They would make guns under contract for fields and distributors for a fixed price. This is why Daystate guns were usually sold with alternative names. ie Mayhem, Splatoon, Skirmish, etc.

Not unlike the contract that Sheridan originally had with Pursuit Marketing.

On a side note, its getting expensive to ship guns from Europe. I travel to Europe every few years, and have always been too worried to bring a ton back with me. If would save me a ton of money.... but imagine the look on the xray techs face when he sees a bag with 30 guns stuffed in it!

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