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Originally Posted by CJOttawa View Post
^^^ On that note: CELLULAR DATA PLANS!

I don't know what the cost is in the USA but in Canada, your basic cell plan could run $30-50 and data another $20-30 on top of that.

That's $50-$80 per month for a "want." Yeah, it's "nice" to have - it's not a need.

FYI: you can have Gmail forward email to an SMS address. You'll only get the first 260 characters but at least you'll know who it's from and the subject. If you have unlimited SMS, this doesn't cost you a cent.
Depends really on who you are. I don't have internet at home or at work, but need a phone for work. I use the data to use Skype, which actually saves me a pile of money on long distance (women lives in the US, I live Canada).

How to save money, or make money from stuff you already have. I could write a book on this.

First and foremost, don't get yourself into debt. Buying a house is the only exception, and at best you'll only break even with it.

Secondly, walk, use public transportation and ride bicycles for any distance under 10 miles. Your an idiot if your driving to work and should consider moving ASAP. No excuses, none, zero. Cars are extremely expensive. And when you do own a CAR, buy one that is the most affordable to own to your normal driving style. If you don't NEED to own a truck/SUV/van, as in not making money off it or having 7 kids, don't own one.

Also, never ever buy a new car.

Buy quality goods once, and preferably used at that. Use things for LIFE.

Clothes are another HUGE waste of money to buy new. These days people practically give clothes away for free. How many paintball event Tshirts do we all own here? Thrift stores are full of new/barely used clothes that have years left in them. You already likely own enough clothes in your home to last a lifetime.

Stay healthy and fit. Being overweight and living an unhealthy lifestyle costs huge amounts of money in healthcare bills.
Originally Posted by heinous View Post
we're talking about camping, not being homeless
Vagabond living on the side of the road in East Asia.

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