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Originally Posted by brycelarson View Post
...It seems a bit silly and crusty to bother posting in this thread if this gun isn't something you're interested in.
Very true. Only optimistic posts please.

Why do people feel the need to post opinions which conflict with mine?

It's like a post just to tell me how [adjective] I am. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all, because I like my blissful reality bubble. AmIRight?

Although, I do recall you making a pessimistic post in a pre-production 'rifled' barrel thread. Something to the effect about how tests show rifled barrels don't work so this one probably wouldn't either. What's with the all this mixed message stuff, Negative Nancy?

Don't worry about me ever flip-flopping. I hate on all derivative, placative over hyped crap. Especially stuff these romantic/sentimental forum members hold dear. I care about the fun to money ratio and that's it. Nothing truly innovative? I'll point that out just as fast as someone who feels the need to say something is going to be the best thing EVAR!

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