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Originally Posted by tjd10684 View Post
Here was my argument. CNC lathes don't adjust their tools from square and the inserts are made with that in mind. Now if you do a lot of work with HSS bits that you made your self yes I can see spinning it around to get a better angle at it. I know I used to do it that way, but now that I have a "real" lathe with mostly either brazed carbide or insert tooling I just keep it square I have all my tools setup in my DRO with offsets so that if I switch from cutting a diameter to cutting an oring grove I just change to that tool number and I know what diameter I am cutting with out needing to re zero. Of course I still check it from time to time but for the most part its done. If I swung my post around all the time I would have to re zero much more often and I think that kinda takes away from the point of have a QCTP and a DRO right?
Now you're talking a different animal... Your other post didn't mention CNC
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