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Originally Posted by heinous View Post

i think you should machine a housing for that 12g.

top threaded to the brass part, bottom threaded to the speed wheel. one side drilled out to replace 12g.
I was thinking about doing something like that. I just need to figure out how much of the grip I can remove/replace with metal so that it'll still be stable.

Originally Posted by alpha434 View Post
I think you should add a couple pins and cast some plastic into the grip.

I would add an aluminum block to the bottom... Attached with the asa screws. The block would have the cap for the 12 gram.
That's an interesting idea. Is it mostly so the 12 gram wouldn't potentially blow out of the bottom of the frame? I'm thinking some sort of bar would be put in place, would make attaching a nut/threading for the 007 speed wheel easier. I plan on having some aluminium/steel/something side plates attached to the sides of the frame; both for support/attaching the grips, and to prevent potential 12 gram rockets.

I still need to order parts/think about the idea more. It would be easier to use a stock 12 gram changer to avoid some of the safety issues, but would bulk the grip up considerably.
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