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Whiskey Two-Four Stock Class Panel Review

Video review:

But if you prefer text:

Whiskey Two-Fours universal, modular, stackable stock class MOLLE panels. Find them here for more information.

These are pretty simple. They are stock class panels that hold ten-round tubes and 12 grams and attach to MOLLE systems. They can hold three, six, or nine tubes, and are available in a LOT (15+) of different colors and camo patterns.

They can be used right-side-up or up-side-down (capped or capless when inverted, either works), and stacked using the PALS webbing on the front. For a few dollars extra, the webbing can match the pattern of the panel, when the panel is in a camo pattern, rather than a solid color.

The quality is what you'd expect from WTF, which is to say that it's great. Solid materials and lots of attention to detail in the construction.

The prices are $23.50, $29.50, and $35.50 for the three, six, and nine-tube panels, respectively, which is somewhat pricey for stock class panels, but you really get what you pay for in quality, ease of use, and product support.

Big picture: two thumbs up for WTF's universal, stackable, MOLLE stock class panels.
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