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Custom K-Style Bolt Action Built By Tymcneer, In F-Series Stock, $450 OBO!!!

Well, its come to this. I need the money because I'm getting a new place, and will need the security deposit and what not. Also have tons of things I need to pay for for school. Also, I didn't play at all last year, and don't know if I will be able to this year. So I need to sell this.

You can follow the build thread here:
Little something in the making... (Courtesy of Tymcneer)

TyMcneer Build - Imgur

-This beauty has a new, un finished full length K-series reproduction walnut stock.
-Trigger group has RVA and safety (though not pictured, it is included).
-Spring Feed that holds about 18 if I remember correctly. It has an awesome mod in the spring feed that rotates it up on the second to last ball. The idea is that it rotates into your line of site, so you know you are almost out.
-Great .678" barrel that shoots darts
-Great Un touched Cartridge Valve, pulled from a nearly new PGP

I am including a second K-series hammer and spring.

Ty was able to get 43-44 shots from a 12g with a properly tuned valve. This valve is untouched. So by opening the valve port with a #3 drill, installing a Dyna valve, and maybe some spring tuning, you should be getting 30+ no problem, and 40+ with further tuning.

I am asking $600 OBO. I know its a bit high, but am willing to consider reasonable offers.

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