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My brother-in-law has a 2k5'ed Texas Storm Timmy that he said the eye covers were stripped. Simple fix, get longer screws to grab onto the rest of the threads in the hole. Not so simple fix he said because the longer screws wouldn't work with this Kila eye covers being slightly thinner than factory eye covers. So he dropped it off since I said I could jump up a screw size. I happen to have a wonderful set of taps and only needed to buy the button head screws. Stock eye cover screws are #2-56 and I was going to go up to #3-48. Here is where it gets confusing.

The night before I was going to head to the shop before doing the repair, I had to disassemble the marker down to just the body. I've had it up in my cabinet since my b-i-l gave it to me to work on. I didn't even look at it until that night... So curiosity got the best of me and I decided to see if I could tighten down the screws just to see how close they would get before the threads would lose hold. I started on the left side and it tightened down all the way and held good.

Hmmm? Odd, but maybe it was the other side he was having issues with and just said both were bad. Since he had bought the Kila eye covers with magnetic detents I could tell the detent was out of place so I loosened the screw out to take the cover off. This is where I find out why he was having such a hard time and makes me really scratch my head as this was a really, really, simple fix. There is a nut threaded on the screw, which was preventing him from being able to full tighten down the eye cover.

When I did get a chance to talk about it to him, he said he had no idea that there was a nut on there. This is so confusing because how wouldn't he have known about it unless he didn't put the eye covers on himself. Maybe he had it done at a shop local to him, they are a nice shop but I get the feeling that some of the help isn't or at the very least rather "green."

I did learn that the #3-48 screw will fit perfectly through the Kila detent without having to drill the hole to make it wider, but factory covers will need to have the screw hole enlarged just a touch but the head of the screw will fit nicely in the recess of the screw hole.

Looking everything over, I still feel very confident in being able to pull off this repair for bodies with damaged eye cover threads. I think I will have to look for a cheap body with damaged eye cover threads and just do this repair on it so I can take pictures and show the work done. That and figure out if there are any other brands of markers that use a #2-56 screw that strips easily.
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