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Originally Posted by Interceptor View Post
I think it's fine right now. ...
With all due respect I mostly disagree -
1) the stories of noobie bashing and poor sportsmanship at the average public field have never been higher. Predatory behavior seems strangely somehow acceptable now. I think awareness of the problem may be on the rise but I don't see a fundamental change in what to do about it...other than the novice customers simply taking up other things.

2) Back in the day the games were held on very large fields and very creative as the there were fewer rules and norms. There was much more movement and strategy involved. I think over the years the owners quit paying the refs, and the refs started running games that were easiest on them - and the whole thing got in to a rut... until basically now the norm is small narrow fields full of bunkers where you run 10-20 yards, bunker up and shoot.. and the ref can ref from the side lines in his lazy boy.... (boring and pathetic if you ask me)... The owners were happy because lots of bunkers and shooting = customers needing paint quicker = upsales = better faster guns = more paint = upsales.. (again pathetic if you ask me). Things are not ok. Something important was lost*
(*I salute those who fight to keep the oldways alive).
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