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Story #1
Kid brings in a Tippmann Pro carbine and say he cannot get the velocity up over 180-220fps. So I take it apart and make a shocking discovery, someone had used Red Loctite instead of oil in the asa, and it had blown all over the hammer and slowed it down , BUT STILL WORKED! Kid of course blamed his brother, but we all know what that means. After cleaning the hammer off it worked fine, we thought the valve would have been fubared also, but it was fine.

Story #2
Buddy buys a rare Cocker from a guy who could never use it, as it was always messed up. Had our local Cocker guru go through it and set it all up, works like a champ. My buddy sees the guy at the field and he asks if he cans shoot it since its been fixed. Buddy says sure, hands him the gun in the chrono area, and the previous owners immediately grabs the rock knob and starts cranking on it (raising the pressure) for no reason, and he wondered why it never worked for him..........
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