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Operation Red Risk

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2019: Russia becomes the largest failed state in modern times.

Shortly after the turn of the century, signs started to manifest that Russia’s apparent stability was untenable. With its political and economic systems exhausted, its rulers had grown rigid and were mired in corruption. For years, the Russian government’s budget had become more dependent than ever on oil and gas. Energy revenue paid for more than half of government spending. In 2012, President Vladimir Putin compounded the problem by promising vast new outlays: a doubling of the wages of doctors, police, and teachers; higher payments to families; and $790 billion in new defense spending. However, with the development of large, new oil and gas reserves in Europe and the United States, along with further progress of clean energy technology, the prospect for export revenues quickly dimmed. Meanwhile, criminal networks within the Kremlin infected every part of the bureaucracy, siphoning off billions of dollars in what should have been public revenues.

The Russian government quickly found itself unable to meet even the most basic needs of its citizens. Widespread food and water shortages swept throughout the nation and a lack of medical care was a concern in even the most populous of cities. Unemployment rates soared and gasoline became nearly non-existent in a country that had only years prior been a top exporter of oil.

In 2016, an uprising rapidly lead to civil war after outspoken government critic, Nikolay Speransky, was killed by Russian troops during a protest in Moscow. Farmers, factory workers and businessmen alike all took up arms against the government in the following weeks. Some government troops inevitably left their posts as well and joined the rebel cause after going unpaid for months. The fighting spread like an unchecked cancer, crippling what remained of the economy as the world stood by, unable to agree upon an appropriate action. By 2019, both sides had fought each other to exhaustion with no practical end in sight. As NATO finally prepared to send in troops to quell the violence, it was at this time that a despairing Moscow contacted Beijing with a request for assistance. China, not wanting to see western influence flourish on its doorstep, offered to send support if Russia was willing to parcel off some of its eastern territories after the conflict in order to provide land to China’s growing population. Russia, desperate to regain control, agreed.

Instead of mop-up operations against weary government troops, NATO suddenly found themselves eyeball to eyeball with a very determined and very powerful, People’s Liberation Army. As new fighting ignited, the state of the country was that of a fractured nation composed of many territories with no discernible front line. Some areas were held by Russian troops and the PLA, while others were held by rebel forces as NATO raced to reinforce and secure those areas. The result of the conflict, which became known as Operation Red Risk to the western world, would shape global power and politics for the next century.

On May 4th, join Three Rivers Paintball and .68 Caliber Productions as NATO and PLA forces lock horns to establish control in the former Soviet nation.
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