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#1 is that the refs are professional in every respect, this includes both safety and play related aspects of the job.
#2 is the other players, though this aspect can become #1 at times, as if the other players are fine respectable people who play the right way and are safe, and I do not feel that the referees need to do anything special to help us play. I.E. the ref can slack off on the paintcheck aspect if none must be called, or the player regularly checks himself appropriately. It's a trust thing.
#3 is the style of play, I like cities, I like towns, I like woods. Anytime there are cars on the field I am happy. I don't mind airball but only if I don't have to deal with the typical crowd that comes with it. I don't like unimaginative spool or palatte fields, or fields with no character, such as a flat spot of woods.
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