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Shocker Body + Parts F/S

Few items up for sale today...

#1- Black SFT Shocker Body (7.5/10 Condition)
-Red/silver Q-lock Feedneck
-Solenoid inserts included
-Eye ribbon/silver eye cover included
-All body/bolt threads in good shape
-Solenoid pictured NOT INCLUDED

Price: $25 shipped OBO

#2- Pewter SFT Shocker Frame
-Cricket vision board included
-Clear on/off button included

Price: SOLD!

#3- Pewter SFT Maxflo Regulator/VASA - Price: SOLD!
#4- Black Hybrid "Michaud" Bolt Guide - Price: $20 shipped
#5- Black New Designs Adjustable Bolt Guide - Price: SOLD!
#6- White Delrin Shocker Bolt Sleeve - Price: SOLD!
#6- Silver SFT Can/Bolt Combo (Non-HE) - Price: SOLD!

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