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How I am making a freak sheridan...

Cut a stock barrel to 3 13/16" length (bolt/feed section).
Save both pieces

Cut a 6 3/8" long piece of tube (7/8 o.d. - .030 wall ) for sleeve and
cut a new feed hole centered at 3 3/16".

Slide bolt section of barrel into sleeve and align holes.

Bad picture of a pgp feedtube. find one that fits the inserts firmly -(some fit insert to loose to work properly).
Cut to length of insert..

Slide the cut feedtube into the front of the barrel assembly.
Slide a insert into the body making sure they fit to the end.

Cut a feedtube at 2/1/2" longer than front barrel section and insert barrel into sleeve (tube)..

Slide body and barrel end together making sure of fit.

Lastly, here is how I am locking them together.
Front barrel sleeve has a hole that aligns with screw to lock-in.
(will be changed to a nylon thumb screw).

I did have to hone the exterior of the barrel sections and the feedtube for a nice firm fit....
Hope I didn't miss anything and enjoy making your own.
This all needs to be soldered together and I drilled plug holes in bottom section and soldered that way..

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