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That was me. Now I have to save up for a new hopper, a decent low magnification scope AND that HHA rail.

I'd say I was running pretty close to the efficiency I expected. HustlePaintball did a good youtube video of an efficiency test. I think they got around 800 out of a 68/4.5k.

The closest I came to an efficiency test was my one attempt to waste paint that day. I went out with a full halo b (~150?) + 3 120 round pods and a ~3k fill on my 68 cuin tank. I think I walked back off with no paint and around 1k showing on the gauge.

It's not poppet efficient, that's for sure. But to be fair to DYE I haven't messed with the dwell settings at all, and the paint was so brittle that day that I was getting barrel breaks early in the day...I switched to an obscenely loose barrel mid day and just left it there since breaks suck.
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