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Originally Posted by big jim View Post
Raoul, Which coffee is it? I went to their web site but didn't see anything referencing dark chocolate.

I agree that Starbucks taste burnt. I brew my own at home then add cocoa, powdered milk and ICE
Yo Big Jim. When you are on the La Colombe site go to the "Single Origin" section in "Coffee" section. It's the Papua New Guinea - Iloko Village. The dark chocolate reference is from me, I am going to cold brew it the next chance I get and see if the cocoa flavour is stronger. This coffee has pretty much ruined me from drinking mainstream stuff.

Sidenote: I just ordered the Colombia - Arhuaco Peoples bag from the same section. The cupping notes say: Pleasing, medium acidity with a vanilla aroma. Cocoa and cherry aftertaste with a light citrus, medium body. Looking forward to trying it out.
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