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Purchased the gx-e and during shipping the ram got bent bad enough that it required pliers to pull open. I replaced the ram and then couldn't get my computer to see the board. Made sure that both com's were set to the same port, still no dice. So I decided to see how it shoots in classic mode and after about 30 shots the sear solenoid stopped tripping. Come to find out a wire had pulled out of the plug going into the board and must have been barely contacting for those thirty shots.In order to fix the wire I took out the solenoid and a little metal plate fell out. Solenoid now clicks and feels strong but I'm not sure how the little piece goes back in because it clicks but doesn't trip the sear when cocked. My luck with pretty much all autocockers I have owned....that's what the mag on the wall is for I guess. can take pick of little piece if needed.
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