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Originally Posted by tymcneer View Post
Spinning a barrel is not too difficult, provided you *DO NOT* intend to try and use it on the field.


2" ID AL tube.
1" ID, 2" OD ball bearings.
Slot the 2" ID tube to allow for a belt to be looped around the barrel.
Mount the tube to a fixture of any sort.
Use an Automag valve to fire the ball. Chop the Mag body and rail so it lines up with the barrel suspended in the bearings.
Use a small motor to drive the belt/barrel.

I think that will do what you want. Though it will be a single shot contraption.

My idea involved using a stock barrel, and cutting it in two pieces, putting a bearing on each end that was cut, and inserting both assemblies in a bigger tube with an ID that matches the bearings OD.

This way you could mount it on the barrel-compatible marker, and I guess spin the barrel with a cordless dremel strapped to the marker and a rubber friction wheel.
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