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Just a reminder...If anyone needs it please copy/paste or download and print your waivers...and have them ready when you register so you can get out and play faster!

SCV - SCVillage

This document affects your legal rights. Please read it before signing it.

I, the below named person being eighteen or older in age, or the legal guardian of the person named below who is under 18, in consideration of the facilities, services, equipment and activities offered by Hollywood Sports Park, LLC, its owners, partners, successors, assigns, employees, and agents (Releasees) I hereby acknowledge, agree, promise and covenant on behalf of myself, my heirs, assigns, personal representatives and estate as follows:

ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF RISKS: I UNDERSTAND AND ACKNOWLEDGE that participation in the activities and use of the premises, facilities, equipment and services offered by Releasees bear certain known risks and unanticipated risks which could result in INJURY, DEATH, ILLNESS OR DISEASE, PHYSICAL OR MENTAL, OR DAMAGE to myself, to the minor identified below, or my property. I understand and acknowledge those risks may result in personal claims against Releasees, or claims against me by spectators or other third parties. These risks include but in no way are limited to the following:

(1) The risks involved in use of the premises, facilities, equipment and services offered by Releasees; (1) the acts, omissions or negligence in any degree of Releasees; (3) latent or apparent defects or conditions in equipment, property or the facilities provided by Releasees or their agents or employees; (4) my own physical condition, or my own acts or omissions; (5) rescue, first aid, emergency treatment or services rendered or failed to be rendered by Releasees, or their agents or employees.

I UNDERSTAND AND ACKNOWLEDGE that the above list is not complete or exhaustive, and that other risks, known or unknown, identified or unidentified, anticipated or unanticipated may also result in injury, death, illness, disease, or damage to myself , the minor identified below, or to my property.

ACCEPTANCE OF RISK AND RESPONSIBILITY: I VOLUNTARILY AGREE, COVENANT AND PROMISE TO ACCEPT AND ASSUME ALL RESPONSIBILITIES, AND RISK FOR INJURY, DEATH, ILLNESS OR DISEASE OR DAMAGE to myself, the minor identified below, or to my property arising from my use of the premises, facilities, equipment and services offered by Releasees.

RELEASE: I, FOR MYSELF AND THE MINOR IDENTIFIED BELOW, VOLUNTARILY RELEASE AND FOREVER DISCHARGE AND COVENANT NOT TO SUE Releasees and their agents or employees, and all other persons or entities affiliated therewith, from any and all liability, claims, demands, actions or rights or action, which are related to, arise out of, or are in any way connected with my use of the premises, facilities, equipment and services offered by Releasees, including, but specifically not limited to any and all negligence or fault of Releasees and their agents or employees, whether involved in an activity or not. I FURTHER AGREE, PROMISE AND COVENANT, ON BEHALF OF MYSELF AND THE MINOR IDENTIFIED BELOW, TO HOLD HARMLESS AND TO INDEMNIFY Releasees and their agents or employees, and all other persons or entities from all defense costs, including attorney's fees, or from any other costs incurred in connection with claims for bodily injury, wrongful death or property damage brought by me or on my behalf.

I FURTHER ACKNOWLEDGE that I am in the best position to determine my physical ability or the physical ability of the minor identified below to participate in the activities contemplated in this agreement, and acknowledge that I am in good physical and mental health, and not suffering from any condition, disease or disablement which would or could potentially affect participation in the activity.

NOTIFICATIONS/PROMOTIONS: I agree Releasees may send me a newsletter which includes promotional materials including coupons, discounts, and birthday wolf pack admissions. I agree that I may be contacted on any telephone number I have provided for marketing purposes including but not limited to information about discounts and upcoming special promotions.

My signature below indicates that I have read this entire document, understand it completely, and agree to be bound by its terms.

Printed name of Participant _________________________________ Date:__________

Signature of Participant _______________________________

Street Address: ______________________________

City State Zip ________________________________

E-Mail: ______________________________

Signature of Parent or Guardian of Minor Participant (Under 18 years of age)


Phone: _________________________ Date of Birth: ____________________

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