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Originally Posted by Tombola View Post
Over all, I think the "shutter valve" is the mayor problem of all attempts to launch a new spooler. either new guns donīt have one or they are infringing one of the 3(?) standart designs (dye, md and pe). And you need one to get over 1300 shots per fill.

If you bring this to Germany I will definitely give it a shot.
You'll see that Josh has a few tricks that make the "shutter" look as obsolete as it is. When he says the dwell is irrelevant, and will not affect efficiency, take this to mean that he doesn't need this "shutter" to get over 1300/fill.

I built something using his concept a few years back. I think I measured 350 shots on a 13/3k, and the velocity "seemed pretty good" to me. Even around 250fps, that's a mean shot count. If I ever do refine my prototype into a working system, it's thanks to Josh's input many years ago. But it's a slick system he uses.

Something else to note: The reason Matrix-based guns break down is the number of moving/movement o-rings *sharing a common axis*. Like the legs of a table, if you have too many and they don't line up just right, the table wobbles. However, it's impossible to make a 3-legged stool wobble. Similarly, 2 o-rings will always line up, 3 or more become a problem. If they don't line up perfectly, they rub unevenly in the bore and wear out faster. A Matrix can have between 5 and 19 seals on that common axis. Check out how many the Torque has...

... yeah, it'll last longer between rebuilds.
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