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If you can't handle more than two sentences, don't bother.

Just want to say something.

All things considered, I did not join this site that long ago, and all of my transactions to date have gone very smoothly, All using money orders as form of payment. (All purchases, as I have nothing I want to sell) Even with (my) life getting in the way.

Maybe I can chalk it up to good luck, maybe it's all thanks to reading comprehension and the ability to pick people of good character, either way, I have no regrets and will continue to use MCB as a site, either for purchases, or as site to decide which company to purchase things from.
Even as a site to b.s. with people I might never meet in person.

Even with all my time spent on VERY specific/eclectic car forums,(I can be a huge auto-nerd in some situations), I have never encountered a group of people where I would so willingly send something so untraceable as a money order to in order to receive something I can't even prove exists.

Take what I've typed how ever you want, but believe me when I say this, MCB is literally the most honest website I have ever encountered in the past 14 years.

I'm sorry if my post went off topic, but I wanted to express my opinion on dealing with people on this website
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