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That's nothing. I had a kid (about 13) at my old field ask me to fix his Spyder. It would shoot but not recock. I pull the bolt out with a SCHLUUUURP, look inside, and it looks like it's full of Vaseline. I ask him when he last cleaned and lubed it, and he said just before coming to play. I ask what he lubed it with...and he pulls a tube of KY out of his gearbag.

Me: Uhh...that's not for paintball guns.
Kid: What's it for?
Me: Where'd you get it?
Kid: Found it in my dad's drawer.
Me: Ask him.
gotta put the vaseline on the cocker
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MIballer's exploits during his career in MI6 are what the Austin Powers movies are based on.
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In a fight of Superman and Chuck Norris...MIballer wins
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