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There was a lot of fun had yesterday, so if you didn't make it out (*cough* Silver! *cough*), you missed out. Great seeing everyone who did show up - KO, jelly, valafar, Timmy (even though you had to work, bud), Stump, Hulk - great flinging with (and at) you guys, looking forward to doing it again!

jelly - nope, I just think the Abarth logo is THE COOLEST car logo ever. I actually drive this:

(click for bigger, that's an '08 Honda Fit Sport, and my personalized license plate)

Val - don't be bragging too loudly, we may start sabotaging your equipment just so you know the joy of on field marker repair, like the rest of us. Great kilt by the way. And if you ever want it in some MCB-ish hawaiin flower print, let me know as the wife offered to sew one up for you.
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