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Existing valve designs will not work in a stacked tube arrangement with a disconnected bolt. This really had to be something new.
Yes and no:-) I see that in your design the air chamber sits somehow in front of the valve stem, what is impossible with regular spools because in front is where the shot goes.
therefore you can use this pressure to return the stem, while normaly in unbalanced spools you can only use it to move the stem forward.

I see that the Torque is using this layout, while your patent also covers a balanced design;-)

Have you tested both layouts? I mean, there is a reMARKable hint on your website that there is probably something in the pipeline

In my understanding poppets are that efficient because they have high backward acceleration on the ram. I guess that is what makes your design efficient too (relatively large surface on the stem, short dwell time..?).

flyweightnate: Very interesting information. I never thought about that, but it makes perfectly sense.
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