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FS: gloss black PTP Micromag 2009 body

Up on the chopping block today is the infamous and rare PTP Micromag 2009 body. An ingenious one piece body/rail design with dual detents and adjustable breach for warp left/right/powerfeed/centerfeed configurations.

Comes with warp feed adapter, CCM feedneck, two stainless steel washers, one extra sear pin, sear, air-through foregrip.

Add your favorite valve and trigger frame and you're all set!

The body itself is in immaculate condition, save for one ballpoint pen-sized blem on the passenger side, see pictures for details.

I am asking $220 shipped/PayPal'ed. Will be shipped with tracking and insurance. **ON HOLD PENDING PAYMENT**


The whole shebang:

Driver side:

Tiny blem on passenger side:

Washers and sear pin:

EMag lowers adapter and Warpfeed adapter:

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