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TAC 2013 Spring Stock-Class Game 5/5/13

Attention all stock-class players...

Tactical Assault Command (TAC) will be holding it's first stock-class game of the year on Sunday, May 5th at Strategy Plus in East Hampton, CT. The game is open to anyone who has their own stock-class equipment, and who enjoys the challenge and sportsmanship of stock-class play. I have been in touch with Strategy Plus and they are excited to host another stock-class event at their field.

Here are the details...
• Reservations with deposit are required (per Strategy Plus)
• Entry fee is $20 for players who pre-register
• Entry fee is $25 for players who walk on the day of the game
• Bring your own stock-class gun, 12 grams and 10-round tubes
• Stock-class rental guns will NOT be available, but goggles will be
• BYOP!!!! Paint will also be available to purchase at the game from Strategy Plus @ $60/case (brand TBD)
• Stock-Class T-shirts will be for sale (limited number and limited sizes only)
• Rain date: Note that we will play if the forecast is only calling for a light, intermittent drizzle, or a brief passing shower. However, we will postpone the game (date TBD/hopefully Sunday May 12th) if the forecast is calling for steady rain for all/most of the day. The final decision will be made the day before the game.

We'll also be having a camp out the night before on Saturday, May 4th. The camp out starts at 4 pm. Pitch a tent, fire up the cook stove and get ready to celebrate Cinco de Mayo! The last camp out we had was a blast, and we plan on making this one even better! Strategy Plus also has WiFi.

For those not camping out, game registration will start at 9:00am. We will be making every effort to start games on time, and will not be waiting for stragglers to start the games.

Click HERE to make reservations online with PayPal, or call 1-800-952-9007. Strategy is a bit lax on picking up the phone these days so leave a message or messages if need be.

Strategy Plus is the oldest paintball field in CT, and one of the oldest fields in the country. 2013 marks their 30th anniversary!!! They have a variety of huge wooded fields, and some of the best terrain around. Come on down and join us for a fun-filled day of stock-class excitement!


Note that our definition of a stock-class gun must meet 3 simple criteria: 1) pump-action/manually operated, 2) have a horizontally mounted feed tube, and 3) is powered by a single 12-gram CO2 cartridge (i.e. Nelspots, PGPs, S/C Phantoms, Grey Ghosts, Retro 7s, KP2s, etc.). Semi-autos, open-class pumps with any size CA/HPA tanks and/or direct feeds (with stick feeds or hoppers) will not be allowed - absolutely NO exceptions.

Other modifications that ARE NOT allowed:
• First Strike Rounds
• Spring Feeds
• Mag-fed semi-auto pistols
• Laser sights

Modifications that ARE allowed:
• Pump guns with direct feeds that have an elbow which allows a horizontally-mounted feed tube to be mounted right off the feed nipple
• Lever changers/slam changers that hold one 12-gram (no 6-packs, turret changers)
• Stabilizers/regulators/expansion chambers
• Maximum 20 round feed tube
•*Any length barrel/sized barrels
• "Raincovers"
• Guns that are have auto-triggers are allowed because a horizontal feed negates the ability to auto-trigger


OK, so whose in?
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