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Sanchez questions

So I jumped on the field yesterday at skirmish for the first time in 2 years. Froze my *** off, had a good time, but a hard time with my Sanchez SM1. I was hoping you guys would help me out.

1. Balls rolling out of barrel - after reading a few threads I learned that the only thing the detent is good for is stopping double feeds. The only suggested solution was to get a barrel with a smaller bore. I used a .691 stiffi and had maybe a third of my balls roll out. Please suggest some alternatives, I'm thinking about the nail polish detent.

2. What's the most efficient way to run a 3.5OZ CO2 tank off the body?

I know these may seem like amateur questions. I'm not as technically versed and experienced as you guys but the help is greatly appreciated.
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