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next scenario idea?

so hope and I are already thinking about the next event and how it would run. The current idea is post-apocalypse era, with respawns every 15 minutes. Missions are issued at each respawn time, and have the 15 minutes to complete. constant play, for 1/2 day, lunch, then switch sides. Hopperball, and only can reload paint if you are waiting to respawn. a couple of special classes. 'runner' that can only carry a pistol with 1 magazine, but can haul 6 pods of paint. Champions, who have earned the right to carry 4 pods by winning a duel against the other teams champion at the beginning of that 1/2 day. Duels will be .3357 with 6 shots, and melee weapon. Figure 1 champion per 20 players on a team? No medics, no officers, just constant carnage. One side of the field will have access to an armored vehicle (if they can keep it fueled). No anti-tank weapons. There will be a 'safe area' outside of the field that raiders can walk down to assault the villagers from any side. If they are outside the markings, they cannot be killed, but once they enter, they are fair game. This will allow flanking attacks on the village and keep the villagers from just setting up a line of shooters. There will be 2 flag stations (1 per side), and if points are scored every respawn depending on the color of the flag at respawn. There would be much more than this, but i'm hoping for feedback and/or ideas.
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