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Originally Posted by heinous View Post
lol you spoiled american. back when i couldn't speak english this was how we watch hollywood movies. the theaters have subtitles... at least now with streaming you can even scroll back to rewatch any missed scene
On a completely unrelated note, I never knew you couldn't speak english at one time.

Back on topic, I like subs. Yes I do fansubs. I couldn't get most of my simulcast/scheduled anime otherwise. Imports take too long, most dubs are terrible, and I'm just impatient with certain series.

Just a side note for those watching Robotics;Notes. Plot twist, I didn't see any of that coming. It's no longer a happy "let's make high school memories" anime.

edit: subs don't bother me. Alot of the K-drama and K-action movies and chinese flicks I'm catching on netflix are subtitled. I have no problem scrolling around to get all the detail/information I need from the conversation or scene.
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