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Originally Posted by Scharfschutze91 View Post
freak bored 12 inch barrel
asp ported tpc
red main spring

shooting around 280 +/- 5ish
90* weather + 80% humidity

I get around 42 good shots from a crossman 12 gram.
I am quoting myself here guys, this weekend i was using the SAME set up as above.
I was using JT 12 grams. And no joking around or exaggerating: I GOT THROUGH 15 ROUNDS OF MY FEED TUBE + 4 TEN ROUND TUBES + 4 MORE SHOTS BEFORE MY SHOTS STARTED DROPPING. (I was shooting 265-270) in the past scenario this weekend.

I was amazed! And then after switching 12 grams, i got another 51 good shots from each 12 gram (just about).

Weather: 90*F

Things like this make me believe that maybe a reg isnt needed and every individual gun is different like Slim is saying. Im excited to start testing
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