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Originally Posted by THE-SHOOTIST View Post
I'm definately wondering who this person is. From my observation, they appear to be female.

It's not Andrea, despite the fact that she's the equivelent to a crack whore, jumping in the sack with anyone who'll provide a steady supply of food and safety, I don't think she'd go that far, even though she is a lawyer.

Axel made a nice bunker for Carol, but what happened to everyone's marksmanship?

Even Maggie, who was squeezing off nothing but headshots entering the prison but now couldn't hit the dude in the tower, or the "Governor" who decided to forsake cover of any type so he could grin and unload his AUG one-handed like he was Swarzenegger.

I think the masked people (guy in tower included) were pretty much no bodies and just fodder from woodbury, anyone willing to join up pretty much..

as far as the marksmen ship (or lack there of) I thought the same thing.. But your nerves and steadiness change from calm and collected when shooting at a target without a weapon to absolute **** when your target catches you off guard and is shooting back.. especially when you have no real combat training or experience to start with.

The walkers in the yard are a minor set back.. they will get cleaned out in a matter of minutes once everyone collects themself and make sure the others are ok..

the fence will be repaired

they will look for and find the armory..

Daryl will help Rick get his **** squared away away now that he has been snapped back to reality..

Merle will play along as he's there to help,despite showing an almost human side when connecting with his brother I feel he is still up to something..

He has been showing small attempts to come across like hes helping but you notice he also holds back allowing things to kinda just happen and possibly go to far before stepping in if stepping in at all..

I still dont trust him and dont believe I really will untill their is either a hole in his head or he puts down the Gov..

The Gov.. Bad **** is gonna happen to that man.. I said it before and Ill say it again.. It's just a matter of whos gonna get to him first..
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