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History and Value of ebay find

Ok, so I won an auction the other day on eBay, because there was a very nice condition Whipper Snapper mask burried in the stuff. I got to looking at the 2 jerseys and thought they might have some value. Went over to a5og and posted them up...seems that no one there had been around long enough to know where they came from. Was then directed to x7og where there is a history of all the Owners one there knew, however I did learn some really good Tippmann OG history.

My question from some of the old timers, do you remember this team, or were there just jerseys sold with numbers and names. I'm guessing that there was a team...

If any one has seen one of these up in any b/s/t, a value would be great too!!

Let me know.

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