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Originally Posted by Brassballs View Post
what makes you believe it's a 'factory convert'?

aftermarket pump handle,RVA. soldered in pgp type? ft. sight.screw in the 12g. knob......
someone redrilled the feedtube endcap to clear the pump

anyone could have done it.
When I sent all my K Rifles back to PMI to have the pumps put on and turn them into KP's, they came back just like this, with the exception of the pump handle. The stock had the "Table saw" treatment, the factory stain and a recoat of clear varnish. These stocks are noticably shorter than KP stocks too.

The factory retrofit also did the PG to PGP style retrofit anti-blowback, where a ball bearing was seated spring-loaded into the pump handle, in these cases they were the earlier knurled pumps. The ball bearing mated with a groove filed into the lower tube.

The serial number is a dead give away that this began life as a K rifle.
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