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Originally Posted by Thotograph View Post
Just wanted to mention that I watched a bunch of UWL and saw Simon's taped taped over marker. It wasn't the marker in that leaked photo. It was a single tube marker that's already been around for a while, I could easily tell which one. I was standing right next to him at the chrono. I don't feel like saying which marker... he took notice of me trying to photo him holding it and didn't want me to get the shot.

The dude helped AGD with R&D... sorry to be vague but I respect the guy so I told him I wouldn't shoot him.
So he was shooting an automag at UWL? I can understand why he taped it up and wouldn't let you take a picture of him using it since it wasn't made by Kee. Or are you saying he was shooting a prototype of a different marker other than the Vanquish? Because the marker coming out is supposedly a single tube gun.
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