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Originally Posted by Donut SD View Post
I'm so used to the rest of the series where your footsteps can give you away. Now you can ninja run right behind a cyborg and they're none the wiser lol. The parry thing I couldn't get the hang of until I faced monsoon. Then it all made sense haha.

But I gotta say again the huge amounts of explosions and in yer face action sequences appeal to the action hero in me . I got the preorder bonus and have the Gray Fox ninja outfit, I'm now playing out what I always wanted since metal gear solid (ps1), to be the badass cyborg ninja!
Yea, i Didnt want to ruin it for anyone, but monsoon is where you WILL learn to parry and do it very well, or get your *** handed to you every time.

and ugh, i knew i missed something by not preordering it, i sware i need to stop buying games on release day without tossing down a preorder.

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