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Originally Posted by WholemealDrop View Post
Alright time for an update. Got a GTA ram (spring assisted return), Psycho Ballistics board, solenoid, and battery harness, Rufus Dawg vertical feed, and Tippmann ProShop ASA/LPR combo. I have a slot cover but I'm not sure about it. felt like the hammer rubs on it so I might replace it with a plate. I think I'm going to start bone stock with this project to get a feel for it. If I'm unhappy with something I'll either fix it or just replace it. I have Naturalnoobs dimensions for a custom 2-wayed ram so I can make a custom one paired with a Timmy board, solenoid, and eyes. Still willing to take any direction and help from anyone who knows anything. Also still on the look out for ebolt parts as I don't know if mine even work yet.
You're right about the slot cover, the stock ebolt hammer catches the metal bits slightly as it goes by.
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