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So I learned a few things today, the first being that I still hate machining tiny parts on a manual mill with a large vise. If I make a small run of these I'll be sure to go fixture crazy to make the machining process quicker and easier. The second being that the design does work and it looks pretty good to. The only issue I ran into was the machining on the T8.1 body itself, there tends to be a small burr/lip that hangs over and down into the dovetail cuts. This burr, while perfectly fine with the factory plastic sights because the plastic gives alittle, causes some fitting issues with machined aluminum sights. It was a quick fix with a small needle file to remove the burr, but an issue none the less.

Here's some photo's, the image quality is pretty poor but I'll try and get some better photo's tomorrow in natural light. That will show the detail and fiber optic illumination much better.

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