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Originally Posted by 240SX View Post
Thanks lmartin, I was hoping you would chime in. I'm thinking the MR5 is going to be my go to FS rifle instead of the hammer 7. I just think a semi auto FS marker being able to put a couple of rounds on target without having to be taken off target to chamber another round is a big plus.
One thing I noticed on my MR5 is mag double feeding (regular or FSR), and bolt crushing the paint. My gun is brand new, so once it breaks in that shouldn't be a problem (hopefully). I can see Hammer 7 being a little more reliable. But my thinking was same as yours, so I went with MR5, plus I wanted 1600 shots per 20oz tank!

Originally Posted by lmartin View Post
If Lapco pulls through and comes out with a FS barrel for the MR5, then a MR5 may be the way to go. I will meet with them next week at the Extravaganza.
It would be sweet if they also made an FSR rifled barrel for hammer 7, that would mean you could attach it to anything after AC rethread...

Originally Posted by CJOttawa View Post
You know, you joke but there are actually plausible reasons why a pump could be more accurate than a pump, caeteris paribus.

A pump (assuming it's not a pump Automag) fires from a closed bolt. A gun firing from an open bolt (and I realize I'm opening up the whole "open/closed bolt" debate) might have the bolt travel interfered with by grit, dirt, paint shell, whatever, which could throw the shot.

Aside from the closed/open bolt thing, I find there's just less to go wrong with a pump, as long as you hold the bolt forward when firing.

Take a look at long distance military sniper rifles; many are bolt action.
With the pump/closed bolt, you preload the round and fire it after aiming. With a open bolt, you have the forward motion of the bolt and blowback of the hammer that could interfere with your accuracy.

As for long distance sniper rifles, the reason they are bolt action is for reliability and no gun powder wasted on cycling the gun, thus you get more FPS to push the bullet further and faster.
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