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He had some good moves, but to me it felt like most of that video was posing/staged shots interrupted on occasion by some actual pistol play. I'd like to see less edited versions, not because I feel like there's any faking or disingenuity going on, but because it seems like a lot of the pistol clips are so brief there's not really any context to what's going on.

I think that's why Antonio's stuff has done so well, he edits, but just enough to cut out the crap while still letting the viewer see the setup, the move, and the result. And in his defense I'm pretty sure he's gotten hit a few times in his vids over the past few months. Not a lot, but like Smith said, who really focuses on how many times they get eliminated in their own videos?

This guy certainly has potential, but I don't think the vid had enough in it to tell anyone to "move over"...
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