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Originally Posted by lmartin View Post

You shouldn't be getting double feeds. Check the detent on your barrel. A lot of people are getting double feeds and just live with it and or say the gun sucks. It shouldn't do that, check your detents and you may need to switch it out. If your shooting a small ball it may passing by the detent even though it is good. If you contact our customer service/techs they will provide you with a detent for smaller paint.

Our techs are there for you Monday thru Friday. Call them or hit me or spydrmn22 up.
I definitely was shooting smaller field paint, that's why I didn't really bother, but when it double fed the FSR rounds I did cry a little. On the bright side, I found out that FRS's don't really care about barrel breaks, they still shoot pretty freaking good!

I figured magazine spring is just too powerful still, thus I left it cocked for a day, that should break it in a little, so it is more consistent. I'll still hit up support for a smaller detent for the field paint though, thanks for the heads up
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