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I would disagree with you about pumps being Jedi and electro's being Sith. Because one can definitely use a pump, and have turned to the dark side. And certainly, one could use an electro, and not be on the dark side. More like any pump would be either Jedi or Sith. Again, an elegant marker, for a more civilized age of paintball. On the other hand, electros are more like the everyday blaster that people like Han Solo, Boba Fett, and any of the others used. They take no skill.

So go out and wield one or two pumps, or even a lever action or two. Have some fun, but when you feel your emotions boil up, decide to bunker the poor kid who is having his first time out, remember, there are those of us who are there that will make you remember the error of your ways.
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