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Gear Bag Sale LNIB V3 Invert Mini, JT Flex 8, 68/4500 tank, Empire Magna Drive

Quiting sale! Everything must go... all prices are shipped

I have a V3 Blue Invert Mini with a blank warranty card! $250

The gun was my girlfriends and is LNIB, it was barley used.

The gun functions 100% and has nearly no wear!!!
HOWEVER there was a factory defect on the stock bolt guide that causes the bolt to stick.. I simply have been using the bolt from my other mini. and it works fine but This bolt will not be included.

68/4500 Pure energy Carbon fiber tank $90

Very good condition JT Flex 8 Mask $40

and a Empire Magna Drive hopper $34

I also have a Flex 7 IZE in amazing shape.. blue for $80

Two OG impulses turbo in box- $150 and pre release- $80

I also have some JT pants, harnesses and pads...

*99' SP Shocker Sport Turbo- Select Fire #7768
*99' Splashed Shocker Turbo #7879
*Shocker 4X4 #20382
* Pre-Release Special Edition Impulse #001423
* GameFace vision Impulse #00060
* Modded Vision Impulse
*99' Autococker STO all original
* 1998-ish Autococker New in box..
*PE Etek3Am Zick2, Cure3, Violent Series Deuce Trigger, Freak Barrel, and 68/45 Crossfire
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